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Sometimes after a release has been made minor bugs are discovered which are just too negligible to justify a new release. Since we fix these small issues as soon as they are known we want to offer you the possibility to benefit from the fix. Note that we only offer patches for the latest release.

Compile warnings with v0.9.1

If you do not want to compile nf-hipac as a kernel module but instead directly into the kernel, please apply this patch.

Support for kernel version 2.6.14

nf-HiPAC v0.9.1 does not compile with linux kernel version 2.6.14. Please apply this patchch if you want to use nf-HiPAC v0.9.1 with kernel version 2.6.14.

How do I apply these patches?

In order to apply an additional patch you have to type the following:

cd /usr/src/nf-hipac-0.9.1
patch -p1 < /usr/src/additional.patch